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"Executor Responsibilities?"
My parents have asked me to be the executor of their estate. I'm honored that they trust me with th...
3 replies
"Taking car keys from parents"
My mom is in her 80s. Her driving seems worse every time I’m with her but she refuses to even think ...
8 replies
"Tips for new grandparents"
We're about to become first-time grandparents and would like to hear tips from others to make this t...
8 replies
"Where to donate fur coats"
Does anyone know where I can donate fur coats? My mother had 2of them and that’s just not my style,...
4 replies
"Are you raising or helping to raise your Grands?"
I am just curious as to how many here are raising their Grandkids or Helping to raise them. I am he...
1 replies
"Spending time with your grandchildren this Summer?"
A great way to spend your Summer, which is already upon us, is to spend some quality time with your ...
0 replies
"best place to find a male companion"
I have been single for 34 yrs and would like to find a male companion for a friend that I would like...
1 replies
"Multi-generation households"
Recession belt-tightening is boosting multi-generation households as families look for ways to cut c...
4 replies
"Keeping my aging mother active - in Florida"
My mother lives alone in a retirement community in Florida, while I am in New York. Recently, I can...
2 replies
"Bread Memories?"
I am working on a book about the history America's long love-hate relationship with sliced white bre...
2 replies

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