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Why are guys so deep into porn?? Why dont they want the REAL person, I am attractive..I know there a...
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"Wedding protocol question"
My 24 year old daughter Chelsea is getting married next June and we are planning a semi-formal weddi...
5 replies
"RE: Multiliving Options/CoHousing"
I do have a large home for sale in Wickenburg, Az. on 2 acres that is designed to accommodate multil...
1 replies
"Father and Landlord -- all in one?!"
My son has moved back into the house! I was thinking about charging him rent, so at least he'll hav...
R Fleming
3 replies
"Stay Home Alone?"
At what age should a teenager be able to stay alone overnight in the house if we are not home? Our ...
2 replies
"Information and Ratings on local Board and Care"
I am looking for a Board and Care facility for my adult son. I am trying to research rules, regulat...
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"kids raising kids in your home?"
hi! i am reaching out to try and find websites, blogs or forums for people in my situation. i am f...
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"Assisted Living Care by Grandson?"
My son moved in with my parents about 5 years ago. My father has alzheimers and my mother can barel...
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"40+ dating sites"
i am single and am thinking about trying on-line dating. which dating sites are best for those of u...
9 replies
"Money from Sister Inlaw"
My wife's sister is on again off again in our lives. The last falling out my wife had with her was t...
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