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"Am I too old for fashion"
I was a fashion illustrator for over 20 years but when I moved cities and went for interviews at fas...
2 replies
"Online Job Opportunity -Marketing/Sales"
I have had recent medical challenges (18 years of football) and now have some pretty fair challenges...
0 replies
"Financial Advisors wanting to team up on Long Term Care in Rockford, IL area?"
I am a financial advisor who specializes in the long term care marketplace. If you are a fellow agen...
0 replies
looking for a job in maintenance
1 replies
"Share your story with U.S. News & World Report"
Hi. I write The Best Life online column for U.S. News & World Report. I'm seeking your help for a st...
2 replies
"Job websites for boomers?"
I'm looking for websites that specialize in helping Boomers find jobs.
4 replies
"Looking for collaborators"
I write, I sell. I'm looking for Webheads graphic artists, Web programmers both front and backend s...
2 replies
Please help! I am currently completing my doctorate dissertation, and I really need your help....
0 replies
"Best field to work in for 50+?"
I usually work in manufacturing, but its getting increasingly difficut to find work. What seems to ...
1 replies
"Senior friendly companies"
Would like to know a good site to find out about companies who appreciate (and hire) more experienc...
3 replies

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