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"getting money back on loan made to friend"

  • ardis sears
    Posted: Nov 19, 2013 10:44 AM
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    ardis sears
    Ozark, MO
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    i loaned a friend some money to purchase a motorcycle so he would get a job and move on with his life. he lived with me about 4 years and would not work. he did help around the house,etc. i wrote up a legal document for the loan. we both signed it. i had to kick him out because he was causing too much trouble. now he refuses to pay even after 5 demand letters and a chance to modify the loan agreement. the loan agreement was written by state law and states if not paid motorcycle would be taken back by me. he refused this also. should i get a lawyer or handle it in small claims court myself. i have all of the paper trail i need and then some. he says i should just eat it because i have money and he doesnt. he is also behind on two child support cases and has been served a warrant for probation violation of not paying child support.


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