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"Looking for Section 8 Housing"

  • Ellas4th
    Posted: Feb 27, 2012 09:25 PM
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    Gladwin, MI
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    I am currently living in Section 8 Housing in the city of Gladwin Michigan and am looking for the same in the northern Oakland County area. I am also willing to look at southern Genesee County or even Livingston County. I have a small service pet so that is a factor I need as well. I am 58, under SS Disability and constant doctors care. I am willing to look at all aspects of housing as long as it is acessable with a walker or power chair. I have Parkinson's Disease and understand that therre is a good program through Genesis Health for patients like me. I am also aware that the Rochester Hills area has an excellent support group for Parkinson's patients. I am willing to look at all avenues. Currently my rent is based on my income so I would need the same.


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