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"Watch Selling Tips"

  • enny
    Posted: Aug 13, 2011 01:32 PM
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    Menlo Park, CA
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    The manufacturer name almost always appears on the dial, but the better sellers also keep detailed records about the specific movements. If you have a serial number -- check the back and sides of the case -- contact the company, and they will tell you all you need to know. You can sell your watch online or locally to a dealer. You can also auction the watch to get a profitable amount. However, auction is possible only if you have enough time to sell your watch. The major auction houses will usually provide a watch expert. If they do not, they will be able to recommend a respected private dealer in your area. EBay is actually a good place to see what people are willing to pay for your particular watch. If time is of the essence, go with a private dealer: They offer the quickest turnaround. If not, an auction house offers the possibility of a profitable bidding war.


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