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"Advice on gifting"

  • LauraS
    Posted: Jun 26, 2011 03:06 PM
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    Great Neck, NY
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    Would paying off the principal on a child's Stafford college or grad school loan be excluded from the 2011 limit of $13000 for gifting?


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    Boom Staff
    Posted: Oct 03, 2011 03:13 PM
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    Boom Staff
    New York, NY
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    As per information from Turbo Tax, payments to 529 state tuition plans are considered gifts, so you can exclude up to the annual $13K only. However, you can give up to $65,000 in one year (without using a portion of your tax exemption) if you agree that you will not make another gift to that child in the four years following.

    In terms of a Stafford loan or a graduate school loan (that is not part of a 529 state tuition plan), we recommend speaking with a financial planner for the particulars about the Stafford loan in your state. If you don't have a financial planner/advisor, you can find one in your area by visiting

    - Submitted by Boomerater Staff

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