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"SS and the GPO/Broken promises"

  • dorf44
    Posted: Nov 29, 2010 09:11 PM
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    Venice, FL
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    I am the surviving spouse of an officer KIA in Vietnam. Prior to going overseas, the JAG office explained the benefits I and my then unborn child would receive if my husband were to be killed. SS was promised until I went to work and then would resume when I retired. In 1977 the GPO went into effect and, as a teacher in MA , I was put into the "sorry no SS" spot. On July 22, 2009 bennett11 posted a wonderful reply concerning SS. One of the exemptions he listed was " exceptions to the GPO such as people who were receiving SS before December l977." I received it in 1967-69. I am presently waiting for my appt with a SS ALJ based on a case in MA that used that exemption. I do have evidence of that case, but wonder if someone out there can verify that fact in writing (I have a copy of a government pamphlet stating that), but I have been put off for two years, appeal after appeal. I know if I can get one more piece of evidence that SS promised this, I will have a good shot at winning this case.


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