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"Looking for a slower pace outside the Bay Area"

  • dkperreira
    Posted: Nov 14, 2010 05:13 PM
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    Castro Valley, CA
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    We are starting to look now as my husband wants to retire in about a year & half-I plan on continuing to work but don't want a long commute or siting in bumper to bumper traffic. We live in the Bay Area(Castro Valley,CA) & own our house(still making payments) but we're looking for an area where the weather is similar (cool nights in the summer) but cheaper to live. We recently visited the Lodi area & like the feel of the town but have no idea as to what employment is like as I'd like to commute no more than 10 miles. We are also concerned with still being close to the family & ideally don't want to live more than 100 miles away. We'd also like to find somewhere where theater, shopping,etc is not 50 miles away.

    Also not sure what to expect with the senior communities either as really don't want to pay homeowner association fees either. We're not golfers but active adults enjoying life-we have a Harley too...

    Would appreciate whatever feedback,advice you can offer.



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