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"Does P90X Work for Women?"

  • house5180
    Posted: Aug 26, 2010 05:28 PM
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    Evanston, IL
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    Does P90X Work for Women?

    There are many women who complete P90X successfully with fantastic results. Many women express worry about "getting bulky", but the fact is P90X is more about becoming lean and toned. As long as you follow Tony's rules about number of reps for lean muscle (12-15), then you'll be sells p90x with $39.07.I hate to sound too judgemental, but if people are honest, about 90% of the time saying, "I'm afraid of getting bulky" is an excuse for not doing the work. Resistance training is proven to improve weight loss. And in any case, you generally have to reach a certain point in your overall fitness level before even worrying about looking like the Incredible Hulk. Even beyond P90X, it's a lot harder to gain mass than you might think!


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