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"Exercising on a fasted state"

  • Aaron.mac
    Posted: Dec 28, 2009 09:52 AM
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    New Hartford, IA
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    Many people start exercising with an empty stomach because it is said that if you do it you will burn fat faster than if you had some food in your stomach. It is actually proven to be right since having an empty stomach is associated with having low sugar levels and in consequence, the fat burning process is faster. The question many people might be asking to themselves is that if it is healthy to go and exercise with no ingestion of food. Well you all should get your own conclusion on whether you want to burn fat faster or the benefits that eating can give you.

    It is proven that the fat burning starts after approximately 20 minutes of exercising. So what? Well that means you will be wasting 20 minutes of your energy before you start losing fat and an empty stomach organism cannot give you the energy that a person who ate something would have. That means that the workout of a person who eats would be more effective since it has the energy to exercise for longer.

    Eating before exercising will give you many benefits such as working as a recovery booster, will give you the strength to stand more intense workouts and will help people not to feel nauseous and dizzy which happens to people who do not eat and exercise for a long time. Now, it is important to know that it doesn’t mean you will have a complete meal before going to the gym. I would recommend people to eat a banana since it brings a lot of potassium and it helps a lot, a yogurt, oatmeal or a sports drink; those are good options for you to choose from and enjoy your workout with more energy.


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