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"Do not have a diet, eat healthier"

  • Aaron.mac
    Posted: Dec 18, 2009 10:44 AM
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    New Hartford, IA
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    Many people get disappointed over doing diets and not obtaining results. It is way easier to see things in a different way. You are going to be eating healthier and not making a diet. Restricting yourself from eating different foods is not the answer to lose weight since you can be eating large portions of light products and still be gaining the extra weight you definitely do not want. The portion’s quantity of every meal is what counts but still there are some recommendations for different type of foods you might want to swap into healthier ones.

    1- Try searching for natural food. The more natural it is the healthiest as well. Vegetables and fruits are definitely an important part of a healthy diet.

    2- Avoid carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and white bread but if necessary make sure they are whole grain products since they will help you a lot.

    3- Buy lean meat. Seafood is good for your health (unless you are allergic to it). It gives you the omega-3 you need for your diet. White meat is also very healthy as long as you do not fry it or cook it in a very unhealthy and oily way.

    4- Drink water, low fat milk and drinks that are natural, that way you will avoid the unnecessary sugar ingestion.

    5- Try to swap sugar for its corresponding supplement. It definitely tastes the same so there is no excuse not to try to be a little bit more careful with what you ingest.


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    Posted: Jan 03, 2013 12:03 AM
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    to know how healthy you are and your diet is working

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    Posted: Apr 26, 2015 07:01 PM
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    El Dorado Hills, CA
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    I couldn't agree more. In addition, eat a smaller portion of your usual food intake.

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