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"pool or not pool ???"

  • Shel
    Posted: Sep 03, 2009 08:37 AM
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    Fresh Meadows, NY
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    Looking for a place in Sarasota. Some of the townhouses in the complex that we are interest in

    have pools in the lanai.

    We looked at some and the problem was that you lose the space with the pool.

    You have some room around the pool for chairs and a table and even

    a barbeque but it's not a huge space to have lots of people. There are 2 pools in the complex

    by the townhouse so my husband thought it was silly to have a pool where you loose space and

    have to upkeep. Here lies the delemma. We saw a townhouse that has amazing upgrades but also

    has a pool. Anyone have any thoughts about whether it's a good idea in this situation to have a

    pool. It is an advantage to come home and be able to go in the pool and not have to go to the

    townhouse to go in a pool but do the disadvantages outweigh this ?

    It's heated by the way. What do you think ? I need to let the the agent know today, so PLEASE give

    me your feedback. It does help. Thanks


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    Posted: Sep 13, 2009 04:40 AM
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    Albuquerque, NM
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    Hi Shel, I think it ultimately comes down to how often you think you will use the pool. If you are the sort of person that loves to entertain and have people over, then having extra space is probably the best option for you.

    alternatively if you enjoy taking daily swims for exercise then you may find that the convenience of having the pool in your house makes sense. however, if you only use the pool a few times then you may as well utilize the space to entertain people.

    your husband is also right about upkeep of a pool... its definitely an added hassle if you really aren't going to use it that much

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