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  • helena
    Posted: Jul 05, 2009 11:24 AM
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    Casper, WY
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    I recently moved to Casper (I love it!) But...I have a neighbor who is not very nice! She has a tree that is in need of trimming. Her tree limbs have fallen on my fence at least 3 times. The second time it destroyed a section of my fence and she fixed it and cleaned up the mess in my yard. The third time we cleaned up the mess and asked her if she would replace the 2 boards that it destroyed. I told her that I had the boards and she could use them to replace what her tree destroyed. You have to go on her property to nail the boards on. She refused and said that the fence, which has been standing there for 25-30 years was on her property and if I wanted to be picky she would ask me to remove our fence.

    When we bought the home no mention was made of our fence being on any ones property. I called the lady we purchased our home from and she said the fence was on our property.

    My question is: Who's responsibility is it to clean up after a storm; was it our job to clean up her tree on our property and make the necessary repairs? and...How can I find out if the fence is on her property? Is there a statue of limitation on something like this just incase the fence is on her property? What are the rules in Casper??


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