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"Looking for exercise programs or classes for Boomers"

  • jan17
    Posted: Feb 03, 2009 05:33 AM
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    New York, NY
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    I recently joined a beautiful state of the art health club in my neighborhood in Murray Hill.Although quite pleased with the facilities,I have noticed that the club mainly caters to the exercise needs of the 30 something crowd who are there main clientele.

    I was wondering if anyone would know of exercise programs that cater more to the baby boomer crowd. ...slightly gentler classes,less high impact aerobics etc...

    I am in good shape for my age and not ready to just stretch in place with senior citizens but,not quite up to the pace of the thirty something crowd.

    Any suggestions or ideas how to find or get classes for 45 -65 year olds started in N.Y.C??


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