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"Bird craft project"

  • JoeZ
    Posted: Jan 26, 2009 08:40 AM
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    My 9 year old grandson has taken an interest in the bird feeders I have in my yard. I thought it might be fun to have him build one with my help. Looking for a kit we could put together.


  • #1
    Posted: Feb 04, 2009 10:26 AM
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    Concord, NH
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    This sounds like a project your grandson will love. Your local craft store probably has in-expensive kits. Also check I saw a birdfeeder craft kit there for $6.00. At that price you could even use this as a great birthday project idea. When the kids complete their birdfeeders they could fill them with bird seed before taking them home. You've inspired me, I'll see if my son would want to build them with his friends!

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