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"Dog Lovers - New ways to poop scoop for dogs?"

  • troutlake2
    Posted: Jan 04, 2009 07:06 PM
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    Santa Rosa, CA
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    Does anyone have a clever, easy way to pick up after their dog when it's out of your yard? i refuse to use millions of plastic bags and add those to our landfills, and can't see carrying around a shovel/scooper and waiting until we get home to deposit the waste. Cellulose bags are a possible option, but I still wouldn't want to pick up waste with them. For all of the dogs out there, surely someone can come up with something better for our environment . . .


  • #1
    Posted: Jul 23, 2009 05:58 PM
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    Redmond, OR
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    I don't know how clever this is, but I'll add it since it might give someone thought for other suggestions. Years ago, while RV traveling I took the thin paper smaller paper plates with me and paper lunch bags. I would tear the plates in half at the moment of need and use them to "scoop" up the poop and close it like a (forgive me) sandwich and place it in the paper bag to be disposed upon my return. The paper plates were the kind no one could use at a picnic because they couldn't support a thing without bending. I never figured out why they made them in the first place, so, at the time, I did think I was quite clever. BTW,I had a female boxer. How big is your dog?

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