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"X-Ray + Pacemaker?"

  • fox42
    Posted: Oct 03, 2008 04:02 PM
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    Deerfield, IL
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    Is it true someone with a pacemaker shouldn’t go through the X-Ray machine in an airport? I have heard conflicting answers.


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    Posted: Nov 11, 2009 12:11 PM
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    Glendale, AZ
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    I was in Security for over 10 yrs. working at Superior Court in Phoenix, AZ. One of my duties was to wand people and run the 'Magnatometer'. I asked the same question of my supervisor. He replied that the owner's manual said there was NO risk to pacemakers. HOWEVER, if you are still apprehensive, ask to go around the machine and be searched by hand. All security personell will be happy to oblige.

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    Posted: Aug 16, 2010 06:51 AM
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    Medford, NJ
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    I'm an xray tech, and I xray people all the time w/pacemakers. If you've had a chest xray since you had your pacemaker implanted, then you KNOW it's safe. Airport xray machines use much lower MA/KvP than medical xray machines. Also, if you are still apprehensive, contact the manufacturer of your pacemaker and double check.

    Xrays don't affect the efficacy or operation of a pacemaker.

    Happy travels!

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