Valentine's Gifts That Say I Love You

Looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine? Boomerater offers these suggestions for gifts for the love(s) of your life in all price ranges.

Unique Sweet Treats

- Mr. Tod's Pie Factory,, delivers fresh pies, cheesecakes, cobblers and muffins right to the door within two days of your order. Featured on both ABC and NBC, Mr. Tod's desserts receive high praise. The large pies and cheesecakes run between $25 and $40, plus shipping and handling. He also offers 10 mini (4-inch) desserts for $40, and you can mix and match from 17 different varieties. Also, 4 huge muffins, in 4 varieties, run $20.00.

- For hand dipped chocolate-covered strawberries and cherries check out The valentine selection is spectacular, beautifully decorated for the holiday. The site also features options that include flowers with your order, cupcakes, truffles, sugar free gifts and other confections. Prices range from around $25 - $60 for most orders, plus shipping and handling.

- Edible Arrangements,, offers luscious bouquets made from a variety of fresh fruits. Berries start at $25 and the most elaborate, largest arrangements (perhaps for a group or family?) run to $100, plus shipping and handling.

Low or No-Cost Valentine Gifts

Gifts straight from the heart can be just as meaningful as those you pay a fortune for.

- What better way to start the day than breakfast in bed featuring heart-shaped pancakes cut from a cookie cutter and served with warm strawberry syrup?

- Rather than saying it with flowers, how about saying it with lipstick? Use a bright red lipstick to write "I Love You" on the bathroom mirror, with lots of X's and O's.

- How about asking your valentine out on a date, then recreating your first date, or another memorable event (the night you became engaged, wedding night, etc.)? Your special night might include going to the same restaurant, park, etc. as you did on your first date. Or cuddling up to the first movie you saw together or dancing to your special song. As an extra gift, consider buying your sweetheart the same perfume or cologne they wore when you first met.

- A box of Cracker Jacks is a fun place to hide a special gift. One Boomerater member reports that her husband proposed by replacing the Cracker Jack prize with a diamond engagement ring, then carefully resealing it and the box. Wow! Any small gift, like a pin, earrings, cufflinks would be fun discoveries.

- A CD with a compilation of love songs, including your special song, is a low-cost, very thoughtful gift. This is also a thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents. Download the songs from iTunes. For suggestions of love songs from movies and from every decade check out

Gifts that Help Others

Charity Choice,, is a 100% tax deductible, non-profit 501.3 organization that makes it easy to give a charitable gift for any occasion. You determine the amount you want to donate and the company will send a gift card to the recipient (you can choose from 10 Valentine designs). The recipient can select to donate to any of 150 different charitable organizations, and can donate the entire amount to one, or divide it to be given to up to 3 organizations.

Gifts that Open New Horizons

What does your loved one love to do? Is there something they've always wanted to try? Surprising them with a lesson in their area of interest shows you care in a special way. Dance lessons are the rage right now, and a perfect way to keep fit while having fun. Or maybe they would like to explore their culinary skills with a cooking class. Does your special someone have an artistic flair? Then a watercolor or pottery class may be a thoughtful gift. Computer classes and piano lessons are two other options that could be just the ticket. These gifts are also great options for gift-giving to parents and grandparents and are available in virtually every community.

A Romantic Getaway

For a very memorable Valentine's gift a romantic get-away can do wonders in the dead of winter. A trip to a spa can chase away the winter blues. A cruise can be a great option for anyone wanting to travel without putting a lot of effort into the trip. Visiting your original honeymoon destination is sure to be a romantic time to remember and rekindle. We asked Boomerater travel partner Tripology for romantic vacation ideas. Tripologist Jennifer Byrne, who specializes in romantic and luxury travel, responded with this suggestion for a romantic getaway.

My idea for a wonderful romantic getaway for two, no matter if you are celebrating a second honeymoon or have been married for 50+ years, is Turks and Caicos. This island chain includes the main capital of Providenciales. Most people have never heard of this gorgeous location which is its charm. World famous Grace Bay Beach will have you coming back again and again to this peaceful location.

My recommendation for a unique getaway is a private villa rental. Having your own space to call home for a week, with a private pool and views that go on for miles of gorgeous sunsets, will certainly make for a romantic retreat. Hiring a chef to create delicious dinners several evenings on your patio would be a great way to end the day. There are also many fine dining establishments set on the beach of Grace Bay including Anacaona. If you are a chocolate lover, their lava cake is not to be missed. Be sure to check out their infinity bar and fire pit lounge.

For an indulgent day of relaxation, book a day at the Parrot Cay spa. The private island resort of Parrot Cay will transport you from the main land via water taxi. You will be pampered and will enjoy scrumptious dining options during your visit.

Since you will be staying at a private villa, a car rental is a must. Provo, as the locals call it, is home to some amazing hidden beaches. Take a day to travel around and check them out. Don't forget your snorkel and mask and head over to Smith's Reef. This is one of the top 10 reefs in the world according to Conde Nast.

Turks and Caicos will certainly steal your heart. Take time to visit with the locals and learn about the history of this beautiful island. Chances are…you'll be back.

Contributed by Jennifer Byrne, owner of The Tropical Travelers in Malvern, PA

Give your Valentine the most precious gift of all, a heartfelt expression of your true and endless love - Tell them you love them!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Boomerater staff!

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